Eat Your Vegetables!

When I started this blog, I wanted to give people a place to learn about what having MS is like, and give people who have MS a place for info and news about treatments that help. Well, I haven’t done much of the info part. Today, I will (sooner or later) tell you about something that has helped me out greatly! If, after reading, you are interested in finding out more about it, you can click on the links provided below, head over to my additional resources tab (it’s new!) or send me a comment. (It’s not just for people with a disease. It’s simply healthy and convenient.) With that said……here is ‘Eat Your Vegetables’!

I’m a picky eater. Just ask Jen (a chef) what it’s like cooking for me. Not easy, from her point of view. I understand that. There is something most people don’t understand about being a picky eater, though. I don’t want to be a picky eater! I would much rather love to eat everything. But I don’t. I would much rather be able to do what Jen does, sometimes. As I mentioned before, she is a chef (private chef for a well known celebrity for a few years), a very good chef. When we go to a restaurant, if she digs the head chef, she will simply tell the server, “Just tell Chef I’ll have whatever he thinks is best tonight.”

That would be frigging awesome! But I can’t do that. I want to be able to. I really do. But if you don’t like something, you just don’t like it. If you don’t like mushrooms, you wouldn’t order something with mushrooms in it, right? Well, I just happen to not like a lot of things. Let me just give you a taste (see what I did there?) of the list:

Mushrooms (#1! Satan herself created these horrid things. And I say ‘herself’ because I’m pretty sure Martha Stewart is Satan. I can see it in her eyes.)

Onions (Especially cooked onions. Why? Just why?)

Peppers (Especially green peppers. Everything they touch tastes like green peppers for the rest of time.)

Cilantro (Tastes like soapy water. Not like soap. Like soapy water.)

Asparagus (A seasoned, cooked stick. Yum? Nope.)

Baked Fruit (This includes pies, cobblers, turnovers, etc. Any cooked fruit.)

Raw Seafood (Oysters? No thanks. I’ve had an upper respiratory infection before.)

Cooked Leafy Vegetables (Why make them worse? They were already bitter or earthy. Now they are limp and slimy too.)

Coconut (Why would I want to eat those little curls of linoleum that get scraped up when you move a refrigerator or stove? No thanks!)

Any drink with something I have to chew in it. (I ordered a drink. Not soup. Say no to pulp!)

I could go on for quite a while. I hate it, but it’s just how it is.

This causes a huge problem for me while dealing with MS. Most, and I do mean most, of the foods I’m supposed to eat, I despise. I would say it’s probably around eighty percent of the list. This unfortunately means, if I am not eating these things, I’m not getting the vitamins, minerals, and all that crap they told us about during Saturday morning cartoon commercials in the seventies (I hanker for a hunk of cheese!” [If you are under the age of 40 or so, ask your parents]). So I had to turn to supplements.

My Old Pile of Pills! 30+ in all!


After years of trying numerous different combinations and holistic treatments with only minimal results, I’ve actually found something that has given me unmistakable results! Especially with the fatigue. I’m truly shocked by how much better I feel using this product. The heat of the summer hasn’t completely stolen my energy, this year. I feel like I’ve gotten, at the very least, a small chunk of the old me back.



Juice Plus+, the product I’m using, isn’t a supplement, it’s whole foods nutrition. It’s essentially all the stuff I don’t like eating (artichoke, kale, dates, the dreaded mushroom, etc.) in a much more convenient delivery form. Gummies!  Technically, I hear the gummies are actually created so you can get your kids to use it, but like Jen says: “Doc eats like a 10 year old.” So, the gummies are perfect for this overgrown child.

I could go into all the technical stuff that explains why Juice Plus+ is so effective, but why? It would just be a lot of jargon that most people, including me, don’t understand. Nutrigenomics, bioavailability, oxidative stress, and other large words I’ve never seen before. I won’t bore those who are not interested with technical crap. (Mostly, I just don’t feel like typing those words more than I have to.) But if you are interested in said crap, then Jen will certainly be happy to fill your brain with all of that knowledge-y stuff, you can follow the link below or put it in the comments. I’m simply telling you that it most definitely works on the fatigue, but also in my general day to day outlook. No, it doesn’t seem to be helping with the numbness, eye problem, or the vertigo, but I’ve only been using it for a handful of months, so we’ll see what comes in time. Also, to be fair, I’m actually still taking the recommended dose for children, so who knows what will happen if I move on up to the grown man amount!

If you are interested in Juice Plus+, you can find more information by going here. Or click on the additional resources tab in my menu where I have added more information.

Also, I know it has been a couple of weeks since I posted. It was an eventful couple of weeks. New Neuro, new focus! I’ll tell you all about it, soon!

Well, that’s it for this week. See you next time.






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