MS Year One

Hi there, folks. My name is Doc. Well, that actually isn’t my name, but that is what I’ve been known as since I was 18 or 19 years old. I’m 46 at the time of this first post.

For most of my adult life, I played music professionally. I was known as a high energy (annoyingly, energetic (read: hyper) in some people’s opinion), optimistic personality. I am not that same person today. Yes, I understand this happens to most people over time, but for me, it happened in quite a short amount of time. The culprit for this? I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis one year ago this month, also known simply as MS. These days, it sometimes takes every bit of energy and will to do simple, everyday activities.  I’m not nearly as outgoing as I was just a couple of years ago. I prefer to be at home more than out in public more days than not. My body hurts. My brain hurts. My heart hurts, knowing the people I care about have great concern regarding my state of health, yet are either afraid to talk about it or don’t like talking about it because it makes them uncomfortable, and don’t know what to say in response to the details of the everyday struggle one with MS has to deal with. Many of us ‘look fine’. We don’t look sick. We don’t appear to have an incurable, debilitating disease. Therefore, it’s easy to, and for some, preferably convenient, to ignore or dismiss. People with depression deal with this as well. BTW, lucky for the MS community (more sarcasm. Get used to it. I use it often.), depression is a common side effect of MS. Unfortunately, that is part of our struggle, on top of the symptoms. So much of a struggle, that drastically changed relationships may as well be added to the list of symptoms, as far as my opinion is concerned.

This is the subject for which I have decided to create a new blog. I understand it will make many uncomfortable (see above), because I plan on being as honest and candid as I can. So…………..ah crap, what’s the word I’m looking for? By the way, that ‘what’s the word’ moment is all too common, thanks to MS. Oh hey, I just remembered where I was going on that thought train! So much so, that I will probably become uncomfortable writing it down and posting it for all to see. I imagine I will have several moments when hitting that ‘Post’ button will take several attempts…….including this very post. But, I believe it might do me some good. More importantly, it might let someone else know he/she isn’t the only one dealing with these struggles, and that they don’t have to go it alone. It may also help those who have friends or family who have been diagnosed with the disease, and have no idea how to treat their loved one, or what their role in their loved one’s life should be, concerning the disease.

I plan on revealing the pain, frustration, misconceptions, news,  and most of all, humor of the situation. I hope everyone who happens upon this benefits in some way.

So, my………crap, there it is again……..ah, got it! My request to you, my friends and readers: If you know anyone who might benefit from listening to my jibber jabber, please send them in my internet direction! I will, most likely, be able to learn and get support from them as well. This journey is a series of two way roads and all lanes are open.


12 thoughts on “MS Year One

  1. I look forward to the next blog post, or whatever it’s called. I want to understand what MS means for you. You were always in motion in high school: singing, dancing, making music and I hate to think that has stopped for you.

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  2. Hey Doc, I’m Frank and Tammy’s brother, Kelly. I was diagnosed with MS in 2009. MS is as much a “Mind Game” as it is a physical one. Anything I can help with drop me a line. Even to vent or questions.

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    1. Thanks for the support! Once I get the blog established, and have a substantial amount of readership (which, by the response of the first couple of days, shouldn’t take too long), I’ll be looking for guest writers to tell their stories as well. Let me know if you would be interested.


    1. Thank you so much for the support! I hope you enjoy my rantings. The next installment is written, but is at my editor’s having my screw ups repaired. 😜 It should hit the site in a day or two. After that, I’ll probably release weekly. I will also be looking for guest writers to tell their experience. If you are ever interested, let me know and I can give you info on how to send me a submission.


  3. I was diagnosed in 2008. My mom was diagnosed in 2000. This MonSter is manageable now a days. The journey is hard sometimes. But I believe we are warriors. There’s an on closed support group called ms el redux. It’s private and no one can see what your posting. Especially if you have a bad day. Anna Kaftkey referred me to your page. Remember your a warrior.

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  4. Hi there!! I love that you have created this blog site. I was diagnosed with rrms in feb of 2015. And feel like i know nothing about it still…nice to know there are people out there to talk to!


    1. I hope to give a little insight, and learn some info as well throughout this. I hope you enjoy, and I hope you might feel up to contributing sometime as a guest writer. Every persons experience is different, so yours might help someone that mine does not. Keep your head up, and keep reading and letting me know what you think of the blog…..good or bad!


  5. Hope you find this blog helpful as you tackle the good and bad days. Lost a great friend to MS in Nov at the age of 46. He had a great laugh and I’m still angry that MS took that away from him near the end. I will enjoy your sarcasm……Kelly W MHS trombone section


    1. I am so sorry to hear of your loss. One of the things that sucks about MS is it can begin to take away parts of someone you love even before it takes them. If you ever feel like you could share your experience, I would love for you to contribute a guest blog entry. Just keep in touch, ok?


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